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Attitude Living Canada

Like many things in nature, ATTITUDE was born in the spring — spring 2005, to be exact. Founded by Jean-François Bernier (JF) and Benoît Lord in Montreal, they set out to create a legacy their kids could and would be proud of.

Vertical integration. Limitless inspiration.

Inspired by their own families, they saw an incredible opportunity: To create a range of household products exclusively with natural ingredients that worked as well, if not better, than synthetic options. Superior quality at supermarket prices, accessible and affordable to all.

Not wanting to be under the thumb of investors, JF and Ben took the company into their own hands and committed to being 100 percent owners. To this day, ATTITUDE remains privately owned, family oriented and vertically integrated — creating products end-to-end, from manufacturing to marketing.

To bring their vision to life, Hans Drouin joined the team in 2006 following the completion of his Ph. D in biochemical engineering. Together, he and JF explored natural ingredients and created the original formulas.

In fall 2006, the company launched with eight household cleaning products. As natural offerings became more popular, so too did ATTITUDE. We quickly went from being part of the movement to leading it.

ATTITUDE is not riding a trend — we are transforming the way our industry works. By being vertically integrated and endlessly curious, we create all our products end-to-end. This gives us intimate knowledge of our ingredients and the true benefits they bring to families like our own. By working with our own in-house lab, our innovation is limited only by our imaginations, inspiration and intuition.

加拿大品牌Attitude Living, 都是100%天然的優質產品

他們的產品, 不旦對人的健康無害, 而且也對環境友善無污染的。他們研發產品所用的成份原料, 都是根據美國環保組織(EWG)的評級來選舉, 為的就是希望用同樣有效, 而又無害的原料製造出最好, 最安全的產品給大家安心使用。

Attitude Living的所有產品, 都得到 EWG 評分為 A 級 – 最優級別。


  • 不含人工香料。
  • 沒有潛在有害的防腐劑。
  • 沒有動物測試
  • 經皮膚病理學檢測, 無刺激, 低過敏性。
  • 產品的表面活性劑, 都是可再生原料製成。
  • 不含致加癌化合物 (1,4 – 二噁烷和環氧乙烷) , 污染的乙氧基化表面活性劑 , 如SLES/SLS, 無刺激性。
  • 沒有三氧生, 它被應為是一種內分泌干擾物, 並對水生環境有害的抗微生物和抗真菌劑。
  • 無VOC (揮發性有機化合物)。
  • 加拿大製造, 通過加拿大品質及安全標準。


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