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Baby Banana USA

In 2001, a happy blonde-haired toddler was chewing on his toothbrush, as toddlers often do. While running, he suddenly fell and the hard plastic toothbrush impaled the roof of his mouth, puncturing the soft palate tissue. The injury could have been fatal, and injuries like it are the leading cause of children under two visiting the Emergency Room.

Grandma and aunt to the rescue! After this incident, the toddler's grandma, Sandra Phillips, and his dental hygienist aunt, Heather Phillips, teamed up to prevent injuries like this from happening to other children. Together, their idea for the first flexible toothbrush was born.

Since then, Baby Banana has sold millions of flexible toothbrushes and teethers, keeping millions of little mouths safe while helping children learn good oral care habits early.

Even as the company has grown, Baby Banana remains a family business, with the majority of employees being family members, all working to carry on the vision of creating safe, soft, flexible and fun products for kids.

We didn’t invent the toothbrush. We made it safer

2001年,一個蹣跚學步的孩子, 像嬰兒一樣經常咀嚼他的牙刷。一次跑步時,他突然摔倒,堅硬的塑料牙刷刺穿了他的嘴頂,刺穿了柔軟的組織。傷害可能是致命的,類似的傷害是導致兩歲以下兒童前往急診室的主要原因。 奶奶和姑姑來搶救!發生此事件後,蹣跚學步的祖母桑德拉·菲利普斯(Sandra Phillips)和他的牙科保健姨媽希瑟·菲利普斯(Heather Phillips)聯手防止這種傷害發生在其他孩子身上。

他們共同創造了第一款柔性牙刷的想法誕生了。 從那時起,Baby Banana售出了數百萬隻柔性牙刷和牙膠,在確保兒童早期及良好的口腔養護習慣的同時,保持了數百萬隻小嘴的安全。 即使公司發展壯大,Baby Banana仍然是一家家族企業,大多數員工都是家庭成員,所有人都致力於實現為孩子們創造安全,柔軟,靈活和有趣的產品的願景。 我們沒有發明牙刷。我們只使它更安全!

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