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Bloomingville Denmark

Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Founder Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in 2000. Since then, she has shared her passion for creative and personal ways of keeping the home ever changing with people across the globe. In 2014 the company became part of US-based Regent Holding, bringing an even wider perspective of globalization and glory to the brand.

With the new ownership, Bloomingville was launched in US in 2016, taking the new market by storm with warm and cherished home interior designs. Even more possibilities arose when Bloomingville took on a Regent Holding brand, Creative Coop, in 2018 to be launched by Bloomingville in Europe -adding yet another strong and characterful collection to the portfolio.

Today the Bloomingville brands and philosophies have been adopted by millions of homes and is annually releasing 4 main collections, 2 mini collections, various in-season collections and 1 gorgeous Christmas collection. Despite the massive popularity and growth, the Bloomingville mission has stayed the same: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers. This mission is made possible by a wide selection of fashionable products, reasonable prices, good quality and a high service level.


With lots of experience and many collections designed,  Bloomingville has found a significant ability to create products, which hold a significant ability to create a warm, informal ambiance in every home. Bloomingville is deeply rooted in the famed Danish aesthetic tradition and has always been working to bring new life and small surprises into modern home

在北歐風格和生活魅力的驅動下,創始人Betina Stampe于2000年創立了Bloomingville。從那時起,她與世界各地的人們分享了她對保持家庭不斷變化的創造性和個人方式的熱情。2014 年,公司成為美國麗晶控股的一部分,為品牌帶來了更廣闊的全球化和榮耀前景。
隨著新的擁有權,Betina Stampe于2016年在美國推出以溫暖和珍貴的家居設計。2018年,Betina Stampe在歐洲推出一個麗晶控股品牌Creative Coop,為產品群組增添又一個強大而有特色的系列。

Bloomingville 擁有豐富的經驗和眾多設計系列,可知創造產品的重要能力,這些產品在每個家庭營造溫暖、非一舨氛圍的重要力量。Bloomingville深深植根于著名的丹麥美學傳統,並一直致力於為現代家庭帶來新的生活和小小的驚喜