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Brainstorm Toys UK

Brainstorm is a leading supplier of fun and educational toys. We have a reputation for high-quality, unique products and are proud to be a trade-only supplier.

Brainstorm has been in business since 1995 and is owned by three directors who work full time for the company. With our excellent UK-based sales and logistics team, we distribute our items all over the world either from our UK warehouse or direct from the Far East.

In 2002 we purchased The Original Glowstars Company. Well-known in the nineties for introducing paper Glowstars to the nation, the brand was much-loved but in need of an overhaul. In 2007 the brand was brought up to date. It still has the traditional favourites, now sitting alongside exciting Glow Kits, Glitter Stars, Glow 3D and Cosmic Glow.

2011 saw the launch of our fascinating Brainstorm Toys range of fun science toys, designed to entertain children and to inspire them to explore the world around them.

We continue to add exciting new products to our successful brands: Brainstorm Toys, The Original Glowstars Company, Natural History Museum and Craft Time. Plus we are now proud to be the exclusive distributor for award-winning, TV advertised StikBot, eco-friendly craft collectible EUGY, Aqua Dragons live prehistoric creatures, magnetic pocket money Magno-Z, BeeBeez and the crazy maze Addict A Ball. We also sell the must-have, eco-friendly Spider Catcher.

英國Brainstorm 玩具是娛樂和教育玩具的領先供應商。我們以高品質、獨特的產品而聞名,並自豪地成為貿易型供應商。

Brainstorm公司自 1995 年開始開展業務,由三名全職為公司工作的董事擁有。憑藉我們優秀的英國銷售和物流團隊,我們在英國倉庫或直接從遠東地區分銷產品。
2002年,我們收購了The Original Glowstars Company。該品牌在90年代因向全國推出紙發光產品而聞名,深受人們喜愛,但需要大改革。2007年,該品牌被更新。它仍然有傳統的產品,現在坐在令人興奮的發光套件,閃光星,發光3D和宇宙發光產品。

2011 年,我們推出了一系列引人入勝的Brainstorm 玩具系列, 有趣的科學玩具,旨在娛樂兒童,並激發他們探索周圍的世界。