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Britt Bear Australia

Britt Story

The Britt story began in Portsmouth, England where Britt Collinson was born. From an early age, Britt loved creating hand-made presents for close friends and family. It is this passion for creating from the heart that led to the formation of the iconic Australian brand, “britt bears” and “britt collinson”.  
Britt moved to Sydney Australia at age 12 and she left school age 15.  After a few office and hospitality jobs and traveling the world she found herself drawn to the vibe, freedom and creativity of the Sydney weekend market stores and festivals at which she sold her hand made wares called “fluffyfings”. From here this grew into a successful wholesale business that went on to supply over 200 retail outlets in Australia within two years. Britt’s style evolved, leading her to create the more sophisticated, luxurious Britt brand in 1999 during which she created the one and only Britt Bear! Who knew that a soft, flat teddy bear whose simple but charming design would capture the hearts’ of parents and children and become such a big part of her world…

Britt Bear Today

Still lovingly made in Australia for over 19 years, our adorable Britt Bears has become a very special part of the range and also many a childhood, creating memories, companionship and comfort. Britt feels that this bear has a life of its own and holds something magical that only babies know. 
With the popularity of the brand increasing, Britt went on to design a range of clothing, tutus and accessories for newborns and toddlers, which stay true to her vision of creating items with sentimental value, that remain treasured, create special memories and passed on as keepsakes. Britt Collinson proudly designs the ranges in collaborating with her design team. Britt also offers a product development service and has worked with many other companies and brands. Britt Bears are currently available in store throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.  Online is available to most countries and offers the truly amazing Emergency Bear replacement and fix up service.

The Britt的故事開始於英國PortsmouthBritt Collinson出生的地方。從小,Britt喜歡為親密的朋友和家人製作手工製作的禮物。正是這種發自內心的創造熱情,導致了標誌性的澳大利亞品牌"britt bears"和"britt collinson"的形成。
Britt12歲時移居澳大利亞悉尼,15歲離開學校。 經過幾次辦公室和酒店工作,並周遊世界,她發現自己被悉尼週末市場商店和節日的氛圍、自由和創造力所吸引,在節日裡,她賣掉了自己手工製作的名為"Fluffyfings"的商品。從這裡發展成為一個成功的批發企業,在兩年內在澳大利亞供應了200多家零售店。Britt的風格演變,導致她創造了更複雜,豪華的Britt品牌,在1999年,在此期間,她創造了唯一的Britt熊!誰知道,一個柔軟,平坦的泰迪熊,其簡單,但迷人的設計將抓住父母和孩子的心,並成為她世界如此重要的一部分...

隨著品牌知名度的不斷提高,Britt 繼續為新生兒和幼兒設計一系列服裝、tutus 和配飾,這些服裝和配飾都符合她創造具有情感的價值、珍藏、創造特殊的回憶和傳遞, 作為紀念品。Britt Collinson自豪地設計與她的設計團隊合作的範圍。Britt 還提供產品開發服務,並與許多其他公司和品牌合作。Britt熊目前在澳大利亞、紐西蘭和香港都有售。 網上供應大多數國家,並提供驚人的緊急熊更換和修復服務。

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