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Indie Chance- BibiBRICKS

Have fun and develop your baby’s brain with BiBiBRICKS – Soft Building Blocks Set. This 12 color Soft Blocks set includes numbers, 12 different types of fruits that correspond with counting numbers, 12 different animals and 12 different geometrical graphic patterns for texture playing. Squeeze it! And you will also hear the sound, Meep!

With numbering, plus (+) and minus (-) sign, you can also use them to teach basic maths. They can be played from an early stage like 6 months to 2 years!

Are they safe for teething or baby who put everything into their mouth? Yes! They made from non-toxic silicone, that are free from BPA and formaldehyde. They also made in a good size that won’t fall into the baby’s mouth.

BiBiBRICKS – Soft Building Blocks Set is a must-have developmental toy that promotes early education. They also make the perfect gift as well.有樂趣和發展

你的寶寶玩BiBiBRICKS 軟積木套裝時不但充滿樂趣, 還可以訓練他們的腦袋。這 12 個顏色的積木套裝包括數位、12 種與計數數位對應的不同類型的水果、12 種不同的動物和 12 種不同的幾何圖形圖案,小手可接觸積木上的圖案。擠它!你也會聽到聲音!

數字積木上有加 (+) 和減 (-) 符號,您還可以使用它們來教授基礎數學。它們適合從6個月至2年的早期階段!

積木嬰兒的牙齒也是安全的!  它們由無毒矽膠製成,不含雙酚A和甲醛。適當的大小,不怕落入嬰兒的嘴。

BiBiBRICKS – 軟積木套裝是一種必須擁有的發展玩具,促進早期教育。他們也是完美的禮物。


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