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The Brushies USA

Brushies are safe to begin using on baby’s gums as early as four weeks and the patented design of Brushies can be used for kids up to four years old.

-Brush every day with puppets who love to play

-Habits start early to keep those teeth pearly

-Made in the USA, by two doctor moms (yay!)

-Simple to clean (each Brushie, we mean!)

以4個造型可愛的故事角色,引導小朋友養成刷牙好習慣, 讓刷牙不再是一場戰爭

  • 不含BPA及鄰苯二甲酸酯, 100%食品級矽膠, 安全無毒
  • 安全衛生, 清洗容易
  • 有效清潔小朋友口腔, 預防蛀牙
  • 超柔軟刷毛不傷小朋友的牙齦, 輕輕按摩亦可舒緩出牙的牙肉不適感
  • 又簡單又有效的刷牙方式

    手指刷:約 2.5 X 2.3 X 6 cm