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Product Description
Have fun and develop your baby’s brain with BiBiBRICKS. This 12 color Soft Blocks set in-cludes numbers, 12 different types of fruits that correspond with counting numbers from 1-9 , 12different animals and 12 different geometrical
graphic reliefs for texture playing. Squeeze it!And you will also hear the sound, Meep! With numbering, plus (+) and minus (-) sign, youcan also use them to teach basic maths. Theycan be played from an early stage like 3 months
to 2 years!

Are they safe for teething or baby who put everything into their mouth? Yes! They made from non-toxic silicone, that are free from BPA.They also made in a good size that won’t fall into the baby’s mouth.

BiBiBRICKS is a must-have developmental toy that promotes early education. They also make the perfect gift as well.

Material: Silicone, BPA Free
Detail: 3D Embossed Soft Blocks. Different Em-boss on 6 Sides
Function: Building Blocks, Soft Blocks, Squeeze Toy, Rubber Teethers Grasp to feel different textures
Color: 12 colors to differentiate each soft brick
Use: Play and Learn
Development Emphasis: Cognitive Skill, Motor skill development, Auditory, Tactile Perception, and Logical Thinking Ability Lessons Learn 12 different shapes, animal, fruits and color
Cube size (each) : 5.2 cm x 6.2 cm
Box Size : 230 x 165 x 65 mm
圖形的浮雕。擠它!你也會聽到聲音!使用數字,加上 (+) 和減 (-) 符號,您還可以使用它們來教授基礎數學。它們可以從3個月的早期階段開始

數字積木上有加 (+) 和減 (-) 符號,您還可以使用它們來教授基礎數學。它們適合從6個月至2年的早期階段!

積木嬰兒的牙齒也是安全的!  它們由無毒矽膠製成,不含雙酚A和甲醛。適當的大小,不怕落入嬰兒的嘴。

BiBiBRICKS – 軟積木套裝是一種必須擁有的發展玩具,促進早期教育。他們也是完美的禮物。

細節:3D 浮雕軟積木。6 面的不同 Em-boss
功能: 積木, 軟塊, 擠壓玩具, 橡膠牙齒抓握感覺不同的紋理
顏色:12 種顏色,可區分每個軟積木
發展重點:認知技能、運動技能發展、聽覺、觸覺感知和邏輯思維能力課程, 學習12種不同的形狀、動物、水果和顏色
立方體大小(每個): 5.2 CM x 6.2 CM
盒尺寸 : 230 x 165 x 65 mm