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Brainstorm UK Aqua Dragons Sea Friends 英國Brainstorm Toys 飼養海馬水族館

Brainstorm Toys UK

Aqua Dragons are live aquatic creatures which you can hatch and grow at home

This  kit contains everything you need to get started including fully decorated tank, eggs, food and spoon

Just add water and the Aqua Dragons miraculously hatch in only 2-3 days and can grow up to 2cm long

Care for them by feeding every 2-3 days and you will see them eat, grow, swim play and even reproduce

Includes ownership certificate, full instructions and fascinating booklet about Aqua Dragons which have been on Earth for millions of years!

Packaging and instructions are multi-lingual including English, French and Spanish

Aqua Dragons are real live aquatic creatures that you can hatch and grow at home. Their scientific name is Artemia Salinas, and they have been living in the sea and salty lakes for millions of years; right back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! From the crustacea family, Aqua Dragons look like tiny three-eyed, long-tailed, hairy-headed dragons that grow up to 2cm long. Their eggs have an amazing capacity called cryptobiosis which means they can dry out and stay alive only to hatch many years later. Tests have found that eggs kept in air sealed containers for up to 20 years still hatched when they were returned to water.

The Aqua Dragons line of products enables children and animal lovers of all ages to hatch and grow a generation of these amazing creatures at home. Caring for your Aqua Dragons you will see them eat, play, grow and learn about the differences between males and females and even how they reproduce.  Backer carded kit with a fully decorated tank, eggs, food and spoon. Also includes invite to download the free Aqua Dragons Investigator App.



Aqua Dragons 系列產品使所有年齡段的兒童和動物愛好者能夠在家中孵化和成長一代這些令人驚異的生物。照顧你的海馬,你會看到他們吃,玩,成長,並瞭解男性和女性之間的差異,甚至他們如何繁殖。 背卡套件,配有完全裝飾的水箱、蛋、食物和勺子。還包括邀請下載免費的海馬應用程式。