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Bubba Blue Australia Bamboo White Cot Fitted Sheet(澳洲Bubba Blue 竹纖維床單)

Bubba Blue Australia

Spoil your baby with our new luxurious and eco-friendly Bamboo nursery range.

Being a sustainable resource, Bamboo products are breathable, hypoallergenic, silky soft and perfect for use all year round.

Size 77x135x19 cm

Supersoft bamboo sheet. Fits most cots including the Boori cot. Thermoregulating for a great night's sleep.

傳統長方形床單尺寸 77x135x19 cm
適合大多數嬰兒床,包括 Boori 嬰兒床。透氣平衡體溫調節, 讓寶寶舒適睡眠。

Bubba Blue 新的豪華環保竹製系列,讓您的寶寶大吃一驚。

柔軟觸摸,這美妙 "柔軟如絲綢"愛護嬰兒的皮膚。竹織物透氣,低過敏性,防止過熱,適合全年使用。