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Bubba Blue Australia MILK Jersey Wrap B(澳洲Bubba Blue 奶製柔軟彈性親膚包巾)

Bubba Blue Australia

Introducing MILK.

Bubba Blue’s luxuriously soft baby collection made from a unique blend of Azlon (Milk Fibre)* and Cotton.

The Bubba Blue Milk Collection is skin friendly, breathable and has a luxurious soft feel like no other.


The Bubba Blue MILK Jersey Wrap is great for swaddling with just the right amount of stretch.


What makes Bubba Blue MILK so special? 

  • Skin Friendly - contains 17 amino acids  
  • Luxuriously Soft & Comfortable    
  • Antibacterial       
  • Moth & Age Resistant      
  • Breathable


How is Milk Fibre Made?

1. Liquid Milk
Liquid Milk is sourced from dairy farmers

2. Dewatered, skimmed and synthesized
The milk is turned into spinning fluid

3. Dissolved and Purified
The Milk protein is turned into fibres using a wet spinning technique

4. Production

Milk fibers are combined wth natural cotton to create a luxuriously soft product perfect for baby.



Cotton/Azlon (Milk Fibre)*
*Milk Fibre is classified as a ‘human made, regenerated’ fibre
made from milk protein and can also be called Azlon Milk Fibre.          

Note: Fibre contents listed are exclusive of trims.


This product may contain cow’s milk protein and may therefore not be suitable for people with dairy/cow’s milk allergies. If you or your child suffers from a dairy allergy please seek medical advice before using this product.

Bubba Blue 的豪華柔軟的嬰兒系列由 Azlon (牛奶纖維) 和棉料的獨特混合製成。 Bubba Blue 的牛奶纖維系列是非常親膚, 透氣, 超級柔軟感。  

這個嬰兒包巾是柔軟彈性高, 非常適合以恰到好處的拉伸包裹嬰兒。

  • 親膚 - 含有17種氨基酸
  • 豪華柔軟 + 舒適  
  • 透氣+抗菌       


  1. 液態奶 (液態奶來自奶農)
  2. 脫水、脫脂和合成 (牛奶變成旋轉液體)
  3. 溶解和純化 (使用濕紡技術將牛奶蛋白轉化為纖維)
  4. 生產 (牛奶纖維是天然棉的天然纖維組合而成,打造出適合寶寶的奢華柔軟產品。)


棉+Azlon 牛奶纖維


由牛奶蛋白製成,也可以稱為Azlon 牛奶纖維。