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ELF Culture My First Book 2 – Dressing Frames - Green 穿著系列 (綠色)

ELF Culture

CARE OF SELF is another aspect that is categorized under practical life. It involves more complex activities compare to preliminary exercise. Children often start with simple activities of care of self and gradually to more complex activities. Care of self refers to the activities that children do in their community in taking care of themselves.

Children at this stage (age 3-6)are egocentric; they like to accomplish activities on their own. The responsibility of adults is to observe and to prepare the tools that children will need in order for them to do these activities on their own.

For example, if a child enjoys helping in cooking, the parents may want to consider getting child-sized utensils so that the child can have full control of the utensil, and they would not feel incapable. However, dressing and grooming are something children at this stage would start with of caring themselves. They may start to concern about their appearance, they often want to look good. Thus, parents should give freedom to those children to choose their outfit instead of preparing everything for them. Parents also should allow children to do these activities on their own.

The purpose of these activities for caring themselves is to allow children to practice and which then help children to perfect their movements. As children gradually mastering these simple activities of caring themselves, they would move on to slightly advance activities.


Button frame, snap frame, hook and eye frame, buckle frame, zipper frame, bow frame, lacing frame



DIRECT AIMS: Independence, concentration, control of movement and exactness of action
INDIRECT AIMS: Care of self



Both hands always involve in movement