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ELF Culture My First Book 3 – My Space Book - Greyblue 太空系列 (灰藍色)

ELF Culture

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The study of the vast, mysterious space and universe is what scientists, biologists, astronomers and geographers dedicate their life to as well as what children love to explore. Young as four to five years old, children are happy to read and play with our space book, to start their travel with their parents to the cosmic space.

The space and universe is far more than a red sun, a banana-shaped moon and pentagonal stars as we and our children can imagine. Adults will ask the encyclopedia when they want to find out more; however, what will we do to deal with our children’s curiosity?

“My Space Book” is the third book of the My first book series. Interactive and explorative, it is one of best children books for 4 to 5 year-olds that covers a wide range of knowledge about the universe from planets and eclipses to oceans and continents, with cultural and scientific information and interesting pictures. Children will enjoy the interactive games such as Space Gobang and Alien Memory Battle, and parents will be highly recommended to show their participation.

My First Book 3 – My Space Book, adhering to the mission of enlightening and cultivating children’s talents, confidence and independence, opens children’s mind to the space and universe, exerting their imagination to a far higher level.

About This Book

Contrastive to traditional books, My Space Book well motivates children to read by stimulating their sensitivity to colours and pictures. Like other books in the series, My Space Book is so dynamic and interative that , for instance, children will step into the space station to assemble and replace the parts and equipment which can train children’s physical strengths as well as their logical thinking ability.

The maps and facts attached with this book explain the structure of the galaxy and the star column in more detail. Children can explore the universe deeper when they get older.

Fun Facts about My Space Book

Welcome to space
Have you ever looked up at the night sky and the stars?You are looking into the outer space !Space looks black because most of it is empty.There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. That’s at least a billion trillion!

Page 1
Stars are much too far away to visit!

But scientists can study them using super-powerful telescopes.People who study the things in space are called astronomers.

Page 2

About 500 people have travelled into space so far .Inventions such as rockets and spacesuits have made this possible.

Page 3

To understand space ,you need to know about the invisible force that holds it all together :gravity .
Everything in the universe produces a force of gravity that pulls on everything else -even you !

Page 4
Going into space

Humans have always wanted to explore space ,but it isn’t easy .Even getting off the ground is hard !You also have to take everything you need -air ,food, water ,and fuel.
It takes an enormous amount of power and speed for a human to escape Earth’s gravity and go into space .

Page 5

Weather awaits you everyday! Open a door or window and there you will find it. It is an amazing phenomenon to study!
Learning Objectives:
The student will explore the concept of weather.
The student will identify kinds of weather (e.g., snowy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, windy, stormy, etc.)
Weather is so fascinating! Children have been exposed to different kinds of weather since the day they were born.

Page 6

When is lunch? What day do we have art? So many things revolve around time.
Learning how to tell time is a skill that students will use their whole life — just like reading, counting . Students begin learning this skill in kindergarten, but it can be difficult to grasp at first since the numbers on the clock have to be converted to minutes, which is a relatively complex task for this age. Activities for teaching kindergartners how to tell time should find ways to simplify the information.


《我的太空書》是我My First Book系列的第三本書。互動和探索,它是最好的兒童書籍之一,為4至5歲兒童,涵蓋了廣泛的知識,從行星和日食到海洋和大陸,文化和科學的資訊和有趣的圖片。孩子們將享受互動遊戲,推薦家長展示他們的參與。