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ELF Culture My First Book 4 – Circus 馬戲團

ELF Culture

A circus is always a child’s favourite place to go, isn’t it? A circus is fantastic, delightful, and passionate! Reading My First Book – Circus, children will be deeply attracted by the various details displayed in the book. Whenever you recall the performances from the circus, a colourful dream will emerge in your eyes, rooted in your subconscious mind, nourishing your hearts. My First Book – Circus will bring to our children various themes about humanities – courage, happiness, diligence, cooperation, trust, respect – which are the virtues that have been existing in the human history for years and eras.

My first book – Circus / Amazing Circus is also a book that tries to let children learn to narrate. Children’s narrative ability tends to increase with age, experience, and knowledge and it is mainly reflected in the processing of chronological order, spatial order, logic and relationship. The book breaks down the performances into different scenes, allowing children to participate in the joyful games, interacting with their parents – describing characters and the logical relationships between space, time, order, and the subtle growth of knowledge in the games.

When opening My first book – Circus / Amazing Circus, the moments we had with our parents return to our minds. We follow the cloth book to regain the joy of magic shows and animal performances and the excitement of other circus stages. As if we are watching circus live at home. The circus is a vibrant paradise to children and parents with unlimited excitement and enjoyment. This is what the book aims to bring to you and other thousands of families.

馬戲團總是孩子最喜歡的地方,不是嗎?馬戲團是夢幻般的,令人愉快的,充滿激情的!閱讀My First Book – 馬戲團,孩子們將被書中顯示的各種細節深深吸引。每當你回憶起馬戲團的表演時,你眼中就會浮現出一個五顏六色的夢想,深深植根于你的潛意識,滋養著你的心。My First Book ——馬戲團將為孩子們帶來各種主題——勇氣、幸福、勤奮、合作、信任、尊重——這些都是人類歷史和時代存在多年的美德。
My First Book——馬戲團/驚人的馬戲團也是一本讓孩子們學會講述的書。兒童敘事能力隨著年齡、經驗、知識的提高而趨於提高,主要體現在時間順序、空間順序、邏輯和關係的處理上。這本書將表演分為不同的場景,讓孩子們參與快樂的遊戲,與父母互動——描述人物以及遊戲空間、時間、秩序和知識微妙增長之間的邏輯關係。
當我打開My First Book – 馬戲團, 我們與父母相聚的時刻回到我們的腦海。我們跟著布書,重新獲得魔術表演和動物表演的快樂。好像我們在看馬戲團現場直播一樣。馬戲團是兒童和家長的充滿活力的天堂,擁有無限的喜悅和享受。這本書的目標便是希望帶給你和其他成千上萬的家庭得到快樂。