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Ergo Pouch Australia Sleep Suit Bag (1.0 tog) 2-4years - Waves 兒童睡袋 (四季適用)

Ergo Pouch Australia

Our year round 1.0 TOG Sleep Suit Bag is an award winning design that is created for children who don’t like being confined to a sleeping bag. This 2 IN 1 design can transform from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit with legs using zippers. The suit is perfect for little walkers, kids who do karate in their dreams or sleep like a starfish. It also makes the transition from a cot to a pram or car, an easy one!

We recommend the Sleep Suit Bag for arms out sleepers (not swaddled), kids on the move, little kickers and walkers up to 4 years old.

TOG rated – 1.0 TOG is designed for year round comfort when temperatures in your child’s room are between 21C° - 24C° (68-75F). With a TOG rated sleeping bag, you don’t need any additional blankets.

2 IN 1 System – easily changes from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit depending on the situation or need of your child.

4 way zipper – these additional and clever zips transform this bag into a suit.

Grip Pads – there are grip pads on the feet of the suit making this perfect for kids on the move.

400+ Thread Count - the body of the bag is made from an easy care and soft woven cotton fabric, a similar feel to the flat sheet on your own bed.

Stretchy Side Panels – allow for movement and comfort during sleep.

Organic Cotton – a skin friendly choice as it promotes breathability, prevents those sweaty feels and creates longer sleeps (hooray!).

Ergo Pouch 1.0 TOG兒童連身睡衣睡袋2合1, 是一個屢獲殊榮的設計,專為不喜歡被限制在睡袋的兒童。這種 2 IN 1 設計可以從睡袋轉換為使用拉鍊的帶腿的睡衣。這套衣服非常適合那些在夢裡做空手道或像海星一樣睡覺的孩子。

TOG 額定值 = 1.0 TOG,在你的孩子的房間溫度在 21°C - 24°(68-75F) 之間時,適合全年舒適。使用 TOG 分級的睡袋,您不需要任何額外的毯子。

  • 2 IN 1  – 根據孩子的情況或需求,輕鬆從睡袋變為睡衣。
  • 4 路拉鍊 – 這些額外的和聰明的拉鍊轉換方便使用。
  • 睡袋使用易於護理和柔軟的梭織棉織物製成,與自己床上的平鋪感覺相似。
  • 可在睡眠期間舒適地移動
  • 有機棉 - 親和皮膚的選擇,因為它促進透氣性,防止出汗的感覺,並創造更長的睡眠時間。