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Fiesta Crafts UK- Extra-Large Star Magnetic Chart 英國Fiesta Crafts日常目標星星錶磁石板

Fiesta Crafts UK

This wonderfully colourful Extra-large star chart for 2 children will encourage them to do the tasks set for them. It’s so simple to use; parents and children set the tasks - there are 20 magnetic pieces to choose from or you could use the dry wipe marker to write your own - ranging from going to bed on time, doing homework, tidying up toys or brushing teeth. And of course, you’ll need to choose the reward for reaching the target! The board itself is also magnetic, so easily attaches to metal surfaces, such as traditional fridges, or can be pinned to a wall.

For each child you choose a colour and write in the target for how many stars must be achieved in a week. You can place the ‘Target’ marker to show each child how far up the points ‘ladder’ they need to climb to receive their reward.

Every time your child successfully completes a task, they receive a star and will love to move their ‘Monkey’ marker up the ladder to their goal.

The Extra-large Star Chart is bright and engaging, and above all, fully interactive. It can be hung on the wall so it’s visible to everyone. Includes dry wipe pen.

Age: 3-11 (43 x 38 cm, Pieces: 60)

這個為2個孩子繪製的色彩繽紛的日常目標星星錶磁石板, 鼓勵他們完成為他們設置的任務。它是如此簡單使用;父母和孩子設定的任務 - 有20個磁性件可供選擇,或者你可以使用水筆標記自己的 - 從上床睡覺的時間,做作業,整理玩具或刷牙。當然,你需要選擇達到目標的獎勵!磁石板本身也是磁性的,因此很容易附著在金屬表面,如傳統的冰箱,或可以固定在牆上。
年齡: 3-11 (43 x 38 CM, 配件: 60)