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Fiesta Crafts UK- Good Night Chart-Magnetic 英國Fiesta Crafts 晚安磁石板

Fiesta Crafts UK

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Good Night Chart makes bedtime hassle a thing of the past! Using the 20 easy-to-follow activity pieces, such as ‘brush my teeth’ and ‘go to bed nicely’, parents can create a daily bedtime routine that children will love to follow. When they achieve the activity, they simply turn the piece over before bedtime or the next morning and reveal a happy star. It is a wonderfully colourful and interactive way to encourage bedtime without tears and tantrums.

This fun and colourful chart will help children settle into good bedroom habits. It even contains four blank activity pieces and a dry wipe pen so you can customise their routine, and even write out a reward for completing all the tasks.

Every day that the child achieves the activities, they can turn over a smiley sun and having a weekly target and reward will motivate children to follow good routines all week.
Suitable for children ages 3 and up, it is best to start small by picking one or two activities for a few nights and slowly build them up.

This will help them to become more confident in their ability to complete their tasks and earn their happy stars! Not only that, but the board magnetically attaches to the fridge and other metallic surfaces, or can be hung up with cord, meaning that they will be proud of the smiley ‘I did it!’ suns all day!

Age: 3+ (18 x 26 cm, Pieces: 30)

每天,孩子完成活動,他們可以翻過一個笑臉的太陽,有一個每週的目標和獎勵, 激勵孩子遵循良好的日常活動。
年齡: 3+ (18 x 26 CM, 配件: 30)