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Fiesta Crafts UK- Tell The Time-Magnetic 英國Fiesta Crafts時鐘及時間學習玩具

Fiesta Crafts UK

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Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...children will know what sound a clock makes but telling the time can be tricky to grasp. With this magnetic teaching clock however, learning how to tell the time is far easier for both children and their parents or teacher. The clock teaches both 12 and 24 hour format and comes with a range of activity pieces which children can place on the chart to help them associate certain times with activities in a typical day. It has rotating hands so it’s interactive and lets children move the time and learn as they go. The pack comes complete with 46 magnetic numbers and descriptions so that children can write out the corresponding time. They can count minutes and learn descriptions such as ‘o clock’, quarter past, quarter to and half past. There is an activity board on the reverse to help children practice telling the time over and over using the dry wipe pen that’s included in the pack. This magnetic Tell The Time pack is fun and engaging, encouraging children to learn whether at home or in the classroom.

What they said:
Cheshire SEN Tutor:
- Bright, Bold and Fun! It’s bright colours make it an appealing learning resource for kids.
- Analogue and Digital Clocks -We loved that this resource teaches both analogue and digital.
- Incorporates Child’s Routine - Children can link it to their own routine and times (and even write/draw their own activities!)- giving them more ownership with the task. This also helps children who find routines and structure important.
-Extends Learning - We loved that on the the reverse side are ’empty’ clocks for a child to draw the hands on and practise writing the time. A great way to further develop a child’s understanding of telling the time.

Age: 4+ (18 x 25.5 cm, Pieces: 58)

滴答聲,滴答聲,滴答聲...孩子們會知道時鐘發出什麼聲音,但告訴時間可能很難把握。然而,有了這個磁性教學時鐘,學習如何告訴時間對孩子和他們的父母或老師來說要容易得多。時鐘教12小時和24小時格式,並附帶一系列的活動件,孩子們可以放置在圖表上,説明他們將特定時間與典型一天的活動聯繫起來。它有旋轉的手針,所以它的互動,讓孩子們移動的時間和學習。配有46個磁號和描述,以便孩子們可以寫出相應的時間。他們可以計算分鐘和學習描述,如時鐘,四分之一過去,四分之一到一半過去。背面有一個活動板,説明孩子練習使用包裝中的水筆, 一遍又一遍地顯示時間。這個時鐘及時間學習玩具是有趣和引人入勝的,鼓勵孩子們學習,無論是在家還是在教室裡。
Cheshire SEN導師:
- 類比和數位時鐘 - 我們喜歡這個資源教類比和數位。
- 納入兒童常規 - 兒童可以連結到自己的日常和時間(甚至寫/繪製自己的活動!- 賦予他們更多的擁有權與任務。
-擴展學習 - 我們喜歡背面是空時鐘,讓孩子動手練習寫時間。一個很好的方式,以進一步發展孩子瞭解告訴時間。
年齡: 4+ (18 x 25.5 CM, 58件配件)