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Greego Lamp Korea 韓國品牌自由創作睡房床頭燈

Greego Lamp Korea

[Greego Lamp] Art Lamp Set w/ Replaceable Double-side Paper Shade (Natural White, Warm White, Cool White), LED Night Lights, Made in Korea, Safe Polycarbonate, Easy Click Control Button on the TOP


  • Drawing Paper Shade: Greego Lamp is an art Night Lights where Kids people can draw and write their own artworks in a replaceable double-sided paper shade
  • Lamp:Create your own photo light using the cutting guide included with this kit and Keep your memorable moment
  • your children creativity a sense of self-confidence, The best companion to make your child feel safe. Useful for newborn babies when breastfeeding at night, Perfect for Bedtime stories, Smart Night Light to feel emotion
  • click control on top : Natural Withe, Warm White, Cool White
  • Lamp(Lid, LED light and Base), Art shade, Pattern theme, Drawing shade sheet x 2, Coloring shade sheet x 2, Cutting guide, USB cable


1) 最大特色: 燈罩圖案可自由創作, 可畫畫, 做剪影, 展示書法, 或放照片圖。

2) 最佳親子活動, 可與家中小朋友一起設計獨一無二的燈罩圖案, 製造美好回憶的紀念品。

3) USB線插頭, 適合及方便各地使用。

4) 可放照片圖, 增添溫馨感。最多可放前共2張。

5) 3段式燈光調節 (自然光, 暖光, 冷光)

6) 可隨心情更換燈罩圖案, 因內附有填色圖案, 指定主題剪影, 白畫紙等

7) 韓國製造


  • Base 燈的底部 x1
  • Lid 燈蓋 x1
  • USB線 (1.5M) x1
  • LED light x1
  • Coloring Sheets x2 兩張填色紙
  • Drawing Sheets x2 兩張白畫紙
  • Pattern Theme x1 指定主題剪影
  • Art Shade x 1
  • Cutting Guide x1 (如想放照片圖, 請參照Cutting Guide指示)
  • User Manual使用說明書 x1