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Junju Korea - Banana Baby Potty (Gray-Blue) 韓國品牌JUNJU可摺疊易攜兒童坐廁 灰+藍

Junju Korea

In our opinion,its the best travel potty around! Its not just for travel,you even use it while potty training your little one either at home or on the go!

Made of the strongest,sturdiest,yet light materials,ABS (same stuff Lego bricks are made of),it can carry a load of up to 178 lbs (It was initially developed for the senior citizens in relief centres in Japan). it also has the resistance to heart shockm scratches and impacts. Easy to clean,and value for money!


2.320g ,0.7磅,非常輕巧!

3.負重可高達1700 kg


5.物料係ABS plastic,即ABS樹脂,是一種強度高、韌性好、易於加工成型的熱塑型高分子材料! (同Lego物料係friend啦)😆