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Kumon Toys Japan- Alphabet Dice Blocks ( +1 years ) 日本公民數Kumon 字母積木遊戲 (1歲或以上)

Kumon Toys Japan

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What is KUMON TOY?

For children,
Getting to know new things = fun
Getting to be able to do what they couldn’t do = joy

Children grow up by repeating what they can feel a sense of fun and joy
many times while they play.

KUMON TOY is educational toys:
-Children can be absorbed in playing with repeatedly
-Children can get a sense of achievement many times
-What children can do and their knowledge are increasing little by little
-Children can foster willingness to challenge
together with their development.

We have been creating educational toys that children can learn
by playing with fun, utilizing KUMON’s proprietary know-how for
learning – which enables each child to start learning
from what they can do and to progress in small, manageable increments to the upper level.

-由於字母表寫在立方體的四面,可以通過連接字母表來製作英語單詞和名稱。 插圖的背面是發音和含義。
-由於每個字元有多個字元,因此您還可以享受使用相同字母(如"EGG"和"APPLE")的英語單詞和名稱創建。 不僅大寫字母,而且小寫字母都寫得很好,所以你可以一起學習。
-指南中的"單字清單"包含 263 個單詞,這些單詞熟悉和常用,即使在小學和初中也是適用。

立方體尺寸:一個3cm的立方體 (共28 件)

• 使用熟悉的英語單詞(如您的姓名, 食物, 動物)創建單詞。
• 在隨附的指南中,我們將介紹各種遊戲方法,如"縱橫字謎"和"玩"。