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Matraea Canada - Organic Milk Producing Breastfeeding Tea (產後幫助提增母乳量營養飲品-無咖啡因)

Matraea Canada

Effective Milk Tea Made by Midwives for Nursing Mamas

Want to increase milk flow naturally? Our Matraea Abundance Rumina Milk Tea is formulated by midwives and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. A balanced herbal blend to encourage healthy lactation, our milk tea supports mamas by providing essential vitamins and minerals so you can nourish your baby while you are nourishing yourself. Our loose leaf blend is easy to use and offers more milk-boosting benefits per serving than bagged teas. 

Best used in consultation with a primary health care provider.

*Consult your midwife/doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

110g (30 Servings)

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada



Fennel Seed/Graines de Fenouil (Foeniculum vulgare)*; Lemon Verbena Leaf/Feuille de Verveine Vitron (Lippia citriodora)*; Anise Seed/Graines d’Anis (Pimpinella anisum)*; Caraway Seed/Graines de Carvi (Carum carvi)*; Fenugreek/Fenugrec (Foenum-graecum)*; Lemon Oil/ Huile de Citron (Citrus limon)*; Fennel Oil/ Huile de Fenouil (Foeniculum vulgare)* 

*Organic Ingredients/Ingrédients Biologique

想要自然增加奶量?Matraea的Organic Milk Producing Breastfeeding Tea由助產士配製,並經加拿大Ecocert認證為有機飲品。沖泡出來的飲品能提供必要的維生素和礦物質滋養媽媽,這樣你就可以同時滋養你的寶寶。