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Baby Bites Barcelona Pink shark sleeping bag - Butterflies (1-18Months)西班牙Baby Bites 可愛鯊魚造型嬰兒睡袋 (1-18個月適用)

Baby Bites Barcelona

Baby Bites Barcelona shark sleeping bag (1-18Months)

Shark-shaped sleeping bags for babies between 1 and 18 months. The sleeping bags can be used in a crib, cradle or in a pushchair. The back has eyelets which can be opened, depending on the model of pushchair you have. These eyelets come closed so that they can be unstitched as you require and depending on how the sleeping bag will be used. We show you how to do this here, it is very simple. 

The side zip makes it simple and easy to slip your baby in and out of the sleeping bag. And once your little one outgrows the sleeping bag, don’t worry! You can use it to store toys or dirty clothes, to scare granny, for the cat to sleep in, and so on. It has a thousand uses! 

Material: 100% Cotton, inner padding - Polyester

西班牙Baby Bites 鯊魚型多功能嬰兒睡袋 (適合1-18個月)

面料100% 純棉,保持透氣,不悶熱,柔軟舒適。側邊拉鏈設計,方便使用 。鯊魚睡袋的構想,是可以用於BB床,搖籃以防踢被或用於嬰兒推車中。睡袋背面有可打開的孔眼,可配合使用在嬰兒車(視乎型號)。不過設計師更希望到小朋友長大後,鯊魚袋仍可以作為儲物袋或收納袋,還有個有趣功能,就是大人可拿來暖腳用! 希望可以物盡其用,不要浪費。所以送禮或自用都係新穎有趣的選擇!

材質:面料100% 純棉、填充物 Polyester