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Shoosha Baby Canada- Eczema Healing Balm for Babies 加拿大Shoosha Baby幼兒皮膚修護舒緩棒

Shoosha Baby Canada

A safe medicated healing treatment for the temporary protection and relief of minor skin irritation and itching anywhere on the face or body. Use to relieve eczema, rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and insect bites or even for dry skin! We combined Colloidal Oatmeal, Tamanu, German Chamomile and Evening Primrose oil with our own unique proprietary steeped herbal tea that is more gentle than essential oils. As one of the issues with Eczema is dryness, you can reapply this balm as often as necessary to keep your little one’s skin moisturized at all times without worrying about the side effects from using synthetic chemicals on your baby.

Shoosha Baby幼兒皮膚修護棒是用於暫時保護和緩解面部或身體的任何地方的輕微皮膚刺激和瘙癢。用於緩解濕疹,皮疹和昆蟲叮咬,甚至為乾燥的皮膚!修護棒結合膠體燕麥片,塔馬努,德國洋甘菊和晚草本油與Shoosha Baby自己的獨特的專有浸泡草本茶,比精油更溫和。由於濕疹問題之一是乾燥,您可以根據需要經常重新塗抹此香膏,以保持您的小寶寶的皮膚保濕,而不必擔心使用合成化學品對寶寶的副作用。